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Enniscrone Show

Enniscrone and District Agricultural and Industrial Show Event

Jiving & Novelty Events

Jive is a dance, one of the five International Latin ballroom dances.

It originated in the United States from African-Americans in the early 1940s. It is a lively and uninhibited variation of the earlier forms of Swing dance such as the Jitterbug. Jive is danced in 4/4 time, and in competition at a speed of 44 bars per minute. It differs from Rock ‘n Roll (dance) in having a syncopated chassé. Steps are counted 1, 2, 3 & 4, with 3 & 4 as the chassé.

Schedule Classes

These Events can be all entered on The Show day:
All Ireland Jiving Heat takes place at 3pm with Music By Gerry Guthrie
Prize Money: 1st €300, 2nd €200, 3rd €100

Also at the same time an O 50’s Competition Will take place
Prize Money: 1st €50 2nd €30 3rd €20
Entry Fee: Free!!

Jiving & Novelty Events Categories

Novelty Competitions :
Glamorous Granny
Cool Grandad
Most appropriately dressed Man
Most appropriately dressed Female
Little Miss of the Show
Little Mister of the Show

Section Categories

For more information about event categories, please refer to the show schedule which is available to download here:

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