SAFETY: Safety is imperative at all times. The Trader is responsible for any equipment that may cross the pathway of the public, due care and attention is essential and the responsibility of the Trader on the day.

INSURANCE: All Traders of trade stands must have Public & Employers Liability insurance and policies must be extended to indemnify Enniscrone Show and The Irish Shows Association, its agents and servants against any claim whatsoever that may arise during the Traders duration on the Showground’s. A Copy of the policy must accompany the application.

LOSS & DAMAGE: Enniscrone Show, its agents and servants will not be responsible for any breakage, damage or loss arising from any source and Traders should have Insurance cover to extend to cover any loss of damage which may occur. This is the responsibility of the Trader.

FOOD HYGIENE: Person or persons selling food products shall comply with the relevant food hygiene regulations of the Health Service Executive I Sligo County Council where appropriate.

LITTER: Traders will be obliged to keep stands free of litter and remove refuse to appropriate litter bins within one hour of ceasing the event. Food traders shall keep a refuse bin on their allocated area and ensure that all litter is disposed of appropriately. Compliance with the Litter Act 1997 will apply.

TRADE STAND SPACE: No space will be allocated until completed entry form with appropriate fee and proof of insurance has been received by Enniscrone Show. Stands will be allocated on first come first serve basis and Enniscrone Show reserves the right to reject any application. No subletting is permitted by any Firm or Company without prior consent

from Enniscrone Show.

ACCESS: Access will be on approved pass only; passes will be allocated to approved applications and will be emailed to the Trader with confirmation of booking and receipt of payment.

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS: No Trader will be permitted to reserve the right to exclusive sale for any particular product sold on the Showground’s unless the Trader has the patent right to do so for a specific product.

ANNOYANCE: Trader shall not use loudspeakers or other public address system or otherwise cause nuisance or disturbance to other Traders or the general public unless directed otherwise in writing by the Enniscrone Show Committee. Traders found to cause annoyance will be removed from the Showground’s.

UNAUTHORISED SELLING: Traders may be subject to inspection by the HSE, An Garda Siochana and Enniscrone Show Committee. All Traders are prohibited from selling any products which are not authorised by the Relevant Authorities. Products such as pellet guns, balloons bangers etc. cannot be sold on showground’s and if found doing so, products will be seized and the Trader will be removed from the Showground’s and will not be allowed to apply in the future.

FUND RAISING: NO UNAUTHORISED TICKET SELLING WILL BE ALLOWED. The committee will allocate three areas for local fundraising groups on a first come first served basis and they must abide by Trader conditions. Their fundraising shall be conducted appropriate to a local community. There is no charge to the local fund raising community for the stand but equally there is no free access to the show field to any member of the fund raising community.

TRADER CANCELLATION: Trade stand applications must be received on or before 17/06/2022. No bookings will be accepted after this date. Fees will be non-refundable for cancellations after 24/06/2022. A 15% charge will be incurred for any cancellation up to 24/06/2022.

SHOW CANCELLATION: Enniscrone Show will not be responsible to any Trader or its agents for any loss of profits, consequential loss, or any loss whatsoever arising for any reason of cancellation of the Show.